Welcome! This site is dedicated towards informing the world about an inspirational man called Hussain:
 what he stood for and what he gave his life for.

Our vision is to see a world inspired by the personality of Hussain: his morals, his actions and moreover his compassion for those around him.
 It doesn’t matter if you follow a religion, nor is it important whether you’re black or white. Hussain stands as a timeless example for all.

  • Love

    What do you really know about love? A new perspective from Hussain’s story…

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  • Honour

    Hussain’s unique story inspires millions, even 14 centuries later…

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  • Sacrifice

    What would you sacrifice for another? Hussain gave everything he had…

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The Campaign

  • Over 13 Cities across the world.

    From all corners of the globe coming together to remember one man and his legacy.

  • Over 17500 Bottles of water.

    Bottles of fresh water are to be handed out to passers by, each bottle carrying a message.

  • More than 50000 Greeting cards.

    To be handed to neighbours, colleagues and friends to inform them about Hussain.

  • Over 650 Posters & Billboards.

    Posters of different sizes Across different countries and cities in key locations.

  • Over 17 Blood donation events.

    Blood to be donated by volunteers in 17 different locations in honour of Hussain.

  • 4 Homeless charity events.

    Over 1300 homeless people will be fed, as well as providing clothing and blankets.

 Click here to find out more about the Who is Hussain Campaign.

In the Media

The Who is Hussain campaign has caught the attention of news and media outlets worldwide,
click here to see reports and articles about the global campaign.

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