The Campaign

Posters on London Underground (2013/14)

This campaign is dedicated towards informing the world about an inspirational man called Hussain:
 what he stood for and what he gave his life for.

Our vision is to see a world inspired by the personality of Hussain: his morals, his actions and moreover his compassion for those around him.
 It doesn’t matter who you are, where you live or what you do. Hussain stands as a timeless example for all.

We want to create a global grassroots movement that inspires individuals to live with Love, Honour and Integrity, regardless of gender, class, religion, creed or any other factor that divides our common humanity.

With over 40 reps, from over 43 regions, covering all corners of the globe, this year’s campaign aims to be bigger than ever before – spreading the message of Hussain far and wide!

  • Over 13 Cities across the world.

    From all corners of the globe coming together to remember one man and his legacy.

  • Over 17500 Bottles of water.

    Bottles of fresh water are to be handed out to passers by, each bottle carrying a message.

  • 50000+ Greeting cards.

    To be handed to neighbours, colleagues and friends to inform them about Hussain.

  • Over 650 Posters & Billboards.

    Posters of different sizes Across different countries and cities in key locations.

  • Over 17 Blood donation events.

    Blood to be donated by volunteers in 17 different locations in honour of Hussain.

  • 4 Homeless charity events.

    Over 1300 homeless people will be fed, as well as providing clothing and blankets.

  • London, UK
    • More than 40,000 greeting cards
    • Eat & Sleepout with the homeless, November 22nd, SOAS University
    • 26 tube poster on the London Underground
    Birmingham, UK
    • ‘Be Hussain’ – 10 days of altruistic work including visiting the elderly, the sick, the less fortunate
    New York City, USA
    • 700-800 homeless people to be fed
    North Carolina, USA
    • 250 water bottles
    • 1,200 greeting cards
    Denver, USA
    • Blood Donation drive
    Texas, USA
    • 2 billboards
    Ottawa, Canada
    • Blood Donation drive.
    • 200 adverts inside buses.
    • 1 giant billboard advertisement.
    • 1,000 water bottles at McMaster University of 17th November.
    • 1 week of advertisement inside the Metro newspaper (a free daily publication in Ottawa).
    • 1 day awareness event – handing out hot chocolate to the public as well as informing them about Hussain.
    • 1 day event to feed around 300 homeless people and collect supplies for them.
    Michigan, USA
    • Over 2500 water bottles of FREE water
    • 500 greeting cards
    • 1,500 flyers to be handed out
    • 200 posters across the city.
    • The campaign will be running in 8 universities
    • 10 local centres with a participation of over 3000 people.
  • Chicago, USA
    • Who is Hussain Exhibition on Friday 20th December 2013, at the Daley Center
    • 6 large billboards across the city
    • Over 5,000 bottles of FREE water to be handed out
    • Over 50,000 greeting cards to be shared
    • 1000 magnets with a quote from Hussain ibn Ali on them
    • Participation of 4 local universities and 5 local centers
    • The campaign will be running in 4 universities and 5 local centers with a participation of over 200 people.
    Minnesota, USA
    • 1,500 bottles given away at Minnesota University
    Edmonton, Canada
    • 600 water bottles
    • 600 roses
    • 1,800 flyers
    • 100 posters posted around the city
    Lucknow, India
    • 25 posters posted around the city
    • Blood Donation drive
    Sydney, Australia
    • Blood Doantion drive (11 locations)
    Beirut, Lebanon
    • Blood Donation drive at American University Hospital, Beirut, November 14th, 2pm
    • Water bottle, wristband and badge handout
    • Posters posted around Beirut city
    New Zealand
    • 5,000 water bottles
    • 2,000 flyers
    • 5 bus adverts
    • 2 posters at local shopping centre
    • 150 posters

More details of more events from even more countries and cities are to be added soon.

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